That’s a big deal!

Engage Benten to help build or migrate your network infrastructure.

As a freelance network engineer and security engineer, I meticulously execute the architects’ plans. We check where obstacles and security challenges are and solve them.

This way, we build a secure, logical and fluid network infrastructure that makes communication between all your tech systems and applications run smoothly. A well-built network makes the business processes in your company more efficient and the operational work of your teams easier.

We’ll make communication flow!

I prefer to work

on a project basis

A migration to a new network or security system. An integration of different systems in mergers of companies. These are projects of companies that take their ICT infrastructure seriously and that I am motivated to put my shoulders to.

open and transparent

An IT team where questions are free and where we work together as one team to achieve a goal. That’s the kind of team I like to join as a freelancer. Making communication flow, my slogan, also refers to my way of working.

to complex challenges

Countering challenges, finding solutions, looking for the bug in the code and cracking them. That’s what I like to focus on as a freelance network engineer and security engineer. So please present me with a project with some complexity. Challenge accepted!

Hi, I’m Jo.

Am I the network engineer you are looking for?

I like a challenging network project, that’s right.
But the click with the IT team is at least as important to me as the assignment that lies ahead.

Read more about me and my approach here and find out what Japanese mythology has to do with it.

Do I fit into your project team?

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