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Hire me as a freelance network engineer and network security engineer for your IT project.

Network migration

Your company is moving to a new type of network. The architects drew up the infrastructure and now it is time to convert the plans into an operational network. This is followed by the migration of existing systems, software & hardware to the new network.

Yes, that’s a project I love. It includes:

  • Challenge and complexity
  • Learning moments
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility

Network integration

In the past, your company consisted of different entities. Each with its own network, its own architecture, its own software and systems. Time for efficiency and flexibility, then. And that means: integrating all those systems and all data into one new network, so that every entity uses the same software and the same systems. Uniform agreements on naming, tagging and policy are also indispensable for network integration. This uniformity provides an overview, saves unnecessary detours and is a lot more secure.

Bring it on! Because this project

  • is complex
  • is instructive
  • requires teamwork
  • offers satisfaction

Network security

In just about every network project, AAA is the basic principle: authentication, authorization and accounting. In addition, the Security Engineers team applies the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability. To do this, we configure a combination of options such as firewals, encryption, MFA, NAC (network access control), PKI and identity services (fortiauthenticator, Azure AD, Cisco ise) step by step. We gradually configure, test and apply the security protocols to the entire network environment.

My cup of tea! Because this project

  • is challenging
  • is complex
  • has an impact
  • requires team effort