Hi, I’m Jo.

I’m Jo De Smet. Freelance network engineer and network security engineer.

The interest in computers has always been there. As recently as the 80s – when hardly anyone had a computer at home – I was already playing games on the PC as a 7-year-old. My father was an early adopter of the whole computer thing.

As a teenager, I often spent months searching for the right parts to build the ultimate game console for myself. Friends also knew where to find me when gaming computers were needed or when they had an issue with their system.

I haven’t had time for gaming for a while. But the passion for solving challenges, looking for bugs and cracking difficult codes continues to fascinate me. I retrained myself as a network engineer and network security engineer.

A network is like a racing engine: in order for it to perform optimally, you have to maintain it constantly. You have to investigate where it wears off, where the obstacles are and how you can get rid of them.